Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pieces of Gold

Hello friends!
So today is the last day of my "March Marathon" where I managed to write something on my blog everyday during March! I have loved the interaction with you all and i think I've been inspired to continue updating my blog a lot more regularly :-) And I think it keep me busier than usual because I wanted to have something interesting to write about and show you. That can only be a good thing! 
 I have been very busy indeed, making lots of new necklaces :-) I've been experimenting with using more than one colour in each bead and I'm really happy with the results :-)
I'm a huge fan of red, turquoise and gold together.
 The classic black and gold together has also become a new favourite :-)
Even though I wear a LOT of black clothes I realised that I didn't really have much black jewellery... so I thought I ought to remedy this!
I hope you're enjoying your weekend and I'll be back in April with lots more to write about and lots more to show you :-)
xo Shara

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