Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Skull Crochet Pattern

Hello friends!
Yes, here it is! As promised, this is my Skull crochet pattern.
You can use any yarn you like, in any weight, just match your hook size to your yarn :-)
You can do lots of fun things with your crocheted Skull. You could make a bunch of them and join them on a long crocheted chain to make some Skull Bunting, you could attach one to a chain to make yourself a necklace, you could use it as an applique and sew it onto to something fun, you could join them together, end to end, to make a VERY clever scarf :-) (check out my pictures for some examples :-)

Skull Crochet Pattern

Approx 5-10m of yarn (this could differ depending on your yarn choice, but it will still be a very small amount)
Appropriate size crochet hook for your yarn choice.
Tapestry needle to weave in ends.

Tension/gauge is not essentially important to this pattern, however I like to make mine a little tighter than the normal tension you would use for your chosen yarn. For example, when I made some skulls using 8ply/DK weight cotton, I used a 3.5mm hook instead of the recommended 4mm or 4.5mm hook for this particular yarn.
I found that the tighter your tension/gauge the more stable your skull is & it holds it's shape better :-) but it's up to you! if you're going to make a scarf by joining your skulls end to end, then you might like to have a looser tension/gauge, so that your scarf drapes nicely :-)

Abbreviations (the pattern is written using standard British/Australian crochet terms, with a conversion explanation in the abbreviations below for U.S. crochet terms):
ch: chain
dc = double crochet (U.S. sc = single crochet)
htr = half treble (U.S. hdc = half double crochet)
tr = treble (U.S. dc = double crochet)
dtr = double treble (U.S. tr = treble)
st/s = stitch/es
sk = skip
sl st = slip stitch
sp = space


Ch 8
Row 1: dc into 2nd ch from hook, dc to end. Turn. (7sts)
Row 2: 2ch (to count as 1htr), 1htr into st at base of 2ch, 1 htr in each of next 5 sts, 2htr in last st. Turn. (9sts)
Row 3: 2ch, 1htr into st at base of 2 ch, 1 htr in each of next 7 sts, 2htr into last st. Turn (11sts)
Row 4: 2ch, 1htr into st at base of 2 ch, 1 htr in each of next 9 sts, 2htr into last stitch. Turn (13sts)
Row 5: 2ch, htr to end. Turn (13sts)
Row 6: As Row 5.
Row 7: 1ch (to count as first st), sl st in next st, 5ch, sk 2 sts, sl st across next 5 sts, 5 ch, sk 2 sts, sl st to end. Turn.
Row 8: (3htr, 7tr) into 5 ch sp, sk next st, 1dc in next st, (7tr, 3htr) into next 5ch sp, sl st into last st. Turn.
Row 9: sl st across first 4 sts, 1dc in each of next 4sts, 1ch, 1dtr in dc of previous row (in-between "eyes"), 1ch, sk 2 sts, 1dc in each of next 4 sts. Turn. (This row may appear uneven, but it will even out in the end :-)
Row 10: 2ch (to count as 1 htr), 1htr in each of next 2 sts, 1htr in 1ch sp, 1htr in next st, 1htr into 1ch sp, sk next st, 1htr in each of next 3sts. Turn (9sts)
Row 11: 3ch (to count as 1htr, 1ch), *sk 1 st, 1htr in next st, 1 ch* repeat from *to * 3 times, 1 htr in last st. Turn. (9sts)
Row 12: As Row 11. (Do not cut yarn)
Now work 1 round of dc around the entire skull, doing 2 dc in each top corner, and 3 dc in each bottom corner. This helps the skull to lay flat :-)
Weave in ends. Finished!

To make the necklace pictured above I used a 4ply (Fingering weight) cotton and 2.5mm hook and it measures approximately 7.5cm (3") tall. So that it could be worn as a necklace, I attached it to a chain during the last round of dc, carrying the chain along with my work at the top of the skull.

To make the bunting pictured above and below, I used 8ply or DK weight cotton and a 3.5mm hook and each skull measures approximately 10cm (4") from top to bottom. I made 10 skulls, then joined them using the following method: using the same size hook & yarn, I made 90ch, then slip stitched across the top 7 stitches of the skull, then did 32 chain, I repeated this until all skulls were attached, then I finished with 90 chain :-) The bunting is approximately 2.5 metres long. I hope the bunting instructions makes sense!

© Copyright Shara Lambeth Designs 2011. These images & this pattern/tutorial are protected by copyright laws. Copying, duplicating, or distributing this pattern in any form electronically or otherwise is a direct breach of copyright. Feel free to link back to this post from your blog/site etc. And yes, you can sell the finished items made using this pattern/tutorial in your online store such as Etsy, but please do the right thing and credit the pattern to it's original source: here! :-)


  1. Amazing! Like I said - you are the Queen of crochet!!!!

  2. Awww, you're making me blush! Thank you, but I'm not the Queen of Crochet.... yet! Hehehehe.
    Having so much fun making these skulls! Skull bunting is for a friends Birthday... hope he doesn't read my blog...? 0_o

  3. Yay! Thanks so much Shara. Found ya on Ravelry. I have buntings for most holidays now and needed a "cool" one for Halloween. Was hoping not a pumpkin. Yay!! (I do like pumpkins) :-)) Esp. bread. hahaha

  4. Hello, Shara! Love your blog, I found it via a Google search for skull crochet patterns. Thank you for writing up your tutorials! I want to try the Georgette collar, too. I do have one Q about this one, and it may be a UK versus US term problem: on Row 5 you say, "her to end," and use "her" on Row 11 in a similar way. Is it supposed to be "htr" or is "her" something else entirely? Thank you kindly!

  5. Hello MadWhimsy! I'm really glad you like the Skull pattern :-) Thank you SO much for pointing out the her/htr errors! That's what happens when you use a text program with an "autocorrect" feature :-)
    I've fixed the typo's now, so it should all make sense :-) Thanks again for letting me know!! :-)

  6. Love, love skull

    venha me visitar e me seguir :)

  7. I have been looking for a skull crochet pattern for a very long time with no luck! I would like to thank you for posting it as a free pattern! I am now going to go and whip up a bunch of skulls to stitch together to make a scarf for my sister for Christmas!

  8. Hello Amanda, I'm glad you found my pattern! :-) I hope your sister loves her skull scarf!! :-)

  9. I love these skulls. I really want to make them. When making them are they started from top to bottom or bottom to top and how do you do the (1htr into st at base of 2 ch) what do you mean by the base if 2 ch?

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  11. Hello Tabitha :-)
    I'm glad you like the crochet skulls :-)
    They are made from the top to the bottom ("teeth").
    When the pattern says "(1htr into st at base of 2 ch)" it means you will be increasing a stitch. You know when you increase in a row you do 2 stitches in the same stitch (therefore increasing one stitch), well "(1htr into st at base of 2 ch)" is the same thing, but because it's occurring at the beginning of the row you need to make the extra stitch into the same place as your turning chain (in this case, in the same place as your 2ch at the beginning of the row :-) )
    I hope this makes the instructions a little clearer :-)
    Also, here is a link to a video that you may find useful as well. The woman in the video shows various methods for increasing, both at the beginning of a row and in the middle of a row :-)
    I hope you're having a wonderfully crafty day!

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  13. I do get a nice shape for the top but just can not figure out what to do beyond that.

    1. Hi Tabitha :-) The best suggestion I can give you is to keep playing around with the pattern. Row six is a little more complicated than the rows before it, but if you follow the instructions in the pattern carefully I'm confident that you will be able to complete it :-) Good luck!!

  14. Row 7 and beyond I just can not get it figured out :(

  15. Sorry! Ok I am going to get this :) In row 8 after you do the (3htr, 7tr)into chain space, sk next st, idc in next st, there is still st inbetween to the next set of (7htr, 7tr) do you just skip them because this creates holes do you sl st across not sure what to do there.

  16. that should have been (7tr, 3htr)

  17. Hello Tabitha! No need to apologise, I'm impressed with your persistence :-)
    Yes, you're right you do simply miss (skip) the stitch/stitches after the 1dc (1sc) that occurs in between the (3htr, 7tr) and the (7tr, 3htr). You are creating the "eyes" in this row. It may seem like there are some unusual "gaps" in this row, left behind by skipping some stitch in between the "eyes", but these gaps should not be visible once you continue working the pattern, they close up. :-)
    Also, I just wanted to confirm that you are aware that this pattern is written in British/Australian crochet terms which do vary slightly from U.S. terms?? :-)

  18. I got it figured out I have some adjusting to do and I was mixing up some of the terms fixed that and it helped a lot. When you start another row do you start in that first spot where your chain (loop) comes up or the next st like in 11 3ch Sk 1st which do you consider first st?

  19. That's so great Tabitha! :-)
    In Row 11, you begin the row with 3ch which counts as your first stitch, and equivalent to 1htr and 1ch, then you skip the next stitch, which would be the second stitch in the row, and continue on from there :-)

  20. So excited that I found this...actually my sister found it for me....I can't wait to try question...I would like to make them slightly larger for a scarf...would you suggest doubling the starting chain and then going from there? Thanks, Robyn

  21. Hello Robyn :-) I'm glad your sister found the pattern for you :-) if you want to make a larger skull for use in a scarf you could simply use thicker yarn than the samples shown in the pictures in this post. All the skulls in this post are made using 4 ply or fingering weight cotton with a very small hook, except the skulls made into a garland shown in this post. Those larger skulls are made using an 8 ply or DK weight cotton with a smaller hook than usually recommended for that weight yarn (to give them a tight structure for the purposes of the garland). If you were to use a DK weight yarn or Worsted weight (10 ply/Aran weight) yarn with an appropriate sized hook you would make a much larger skull (approximately 15cm-18cm or more across at the widest point point. This has been used successfully for a scarf using this skull pattern.
    Alternatively, if you're feeling creative, there would be nothing to stop you from upscaling the size of the skull motif by using more stitches. however, this could start to get a little bit tricky when you get to the eye section. But, there's not a lot of work in each motif, so it could be worthwhile experimenting :-)
    I'd love to hear how you go or see a picture when you're done!
    Good luck!

  22. Thank u ^^
    This is by far the cutest skull crochet pattern!!
    I made it into a hair clip since there aren't many skull hair clip out there so I have to make one.

  23. Awesome pattern! Thank you very much! :)

    Lee Ann H
    Posted with Blackberry Z10!
    Crochet...Gotta Love It! Blog

  24. Glad you like it Lee Ann :-) We've been having a lot of fun with it around here lately :-)

  25. Help! I did great up to row 10. It looks like this row should start in the middle of the eyes (looking at the picture) but my row 9 took me all the way out to the edge, level with the top of the eye. The instructions say I should end up with 9 stitches and I can see in the photo that it looks like there ARE only 9 stitches, I just can't figure out how - when my row 9 is 20 stitches wide - I can get it down to 9 (with no decreasing stitches). I wish I could post a pick of where I'm at to better e plain my dilemma. (:

  26. *pic - as in picture - not pick. (:

  27. Hello Nennerb :-)
    When you have finished Row 9 you should be all the way at the edge of the piece. Turn your piece, as Row 10 will now be worked back the other way (along the bottom edge of the eyes). For Row 10: 2ch (to count as 1 htr), 1htr in each of next 2 sts, 1htr in 1ch sp, 1htr in next st (which is the dtr from the previous Row), then 1htr in the 1ch sp, skip the next st, 1htr in each of next 3sts. This should give you 9 stitches :-)
    I hope this helps :-) Please let me know if you have any other questions and I will be happy to help :-)

  28. I have a problem, I don't understand how to do the last thing - make dc's all around the skull :< I have to do dc in the gaps of the teeth or stick hook into the edges itself? I dont get how to do two and three dc in corners..

    1. Hello Svala, thank you for your message :-) To do one round of dc (which is sc if you're using U.S.) you will do 1dc in each 1ch space (of the teeth) as well as 1dc in each tr of the teeth, making sure you do 3dc in each bottom corner (the teeth end is the bottom), then work dc's along the side of the skull, then do two dc in the top corner, then work one dc in each st along the top of the skull, then two dc in the next top corner, then work in dc down the side of the skull, then 3dc in the bottom corner, sl st into the first dc you did in this round. Fasten off and weave in ends. I hope this helps you :-)

  29. thank your for your help and interesting pattern :)

  30. Yes, thank you very much for the "free" pattern of the skull. My 4 yo grandson is now into skulls. Now I can crochet him an awesome scarf. This is something he wants and likes, not just something his mommom picks out for him hoping its something he's into at the moment! Again, thanks a bunch!!

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