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Monday, March 25, 2013

Walking the Dog

Hello friends!
I hope the weather is as glorious at your place at the moment as it is here :-) It may be Autumn, but it's a tiny but warmer than usual which just makes it even more delightful :-) I think the unseasonably warm weather has tricked the trees and none of them have started to change colour yet...and it's almost April!!

Because the weather was so wonderful today we decided to take the dog for a walk at Maroondah Dam, in Healesville, Victoria, Australia :-) Pictured above is the path across the top of the dam wall.
It's one of my most favourite places to visit :-) I love wandering around there for hours :-) It's a beautiful combination of European style gardens, native Australian Mountain Ash forest, little creeks, ponds, a waterfall and of course the huge beautiful dam :-) Pictured above is one of the old pump houses.
 We saw lots of interesting and unusual birds, such as Fairy Wrens (my favourite), Fantails, various parrots and even several pairs of courting Bower Birds!!

 I hope I can get back there again very soon, and I think the dog enjoyed herself as well :-)
xo Shara

Monday, March 11, 2013

Redwood Forest Visit

Hello friends :-)
I hope you're enjoying your long weekend if you're in Victoria, Australia :-) If not you're not in Victoria, then I hope Monday is being kind to you :-)
I recently took a trip to the mind blowingly beautiful Redwood Forest in Warburton, Victoria, Australia :-) Wow! If you haven't been there before and you're nearby, do yourself a favour and take a trip out there! So amazing and serene :-)
 The trees are very dense and not a lot of light gets through to the forest floor... but in this one tiny patch of sunlight a new plant had started to grow! You have to seize every opportunity while you can!! :-)
 And then in Warburton town I stumbled across this very sweet piece of crocheted yarn bombing :-)

Have you been anywhere amazing lately? Share in the comments! :-)

xo Shara

Monday, October 15, 2012

Maroondah Dam

Hello friends!
Today I visited Maroondah Dam in Healesville, Victoria, Australia. The weather was perfect and all the beautiful Spring flowers were in bloom :-)
 Overcast.... my favourite weather :-)
 From the top of the waterfall :-)
 Looking out over the dam wall :-)
 These Lilac flowers smelled absolutely divine!
A beautiful bee enjoying the scented azaleas :-)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blogtoberfest 2012

Hello friends!
I'm happy to say that I am taking part in Blogtoberfest! This is the first year I am participating, and what it means is that I will be posting on my blog every day in October.
I'm excited about it and I'm enjoying it so far :-) I had been trying to find something to inspire me to post more often on my blog... and this is the perfect inspiration! :-)
The photograph above is of an echidna that I came across waddling on the side of the road in Swan Reach, Victoria, last week. He's pretty sweet, don't you think? :-)
Thanks to Wikipedia, here is a little bit of information about echidnas:
"Echidnas and the platypus are the only egg-laying mammals, known as monotremes. The female lays a single soft-shelled, leathery egg 22 days after mating, and deposits it directly into her pouch. Hatching takes place after ten days; the young echidna, called a puggle, then sucks milk from the pores of the two milk patches (monotremes have no nipples) and remains in the pouch for 45 to 55 days,[7]at which time it starts to develop spines. The mother digs a nursery burrow and deposits the puggle, returning every five days to suckle it until it is weaned at seven months. The average wild echidna live as long as 16 years."
What animals have you seen around lately? Do you get to see much wild life where you live? Share in the comments! :-)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Delicious Lunch in Healesville

Hello friends :-)
Today I was lucky enough to share this delicious antipasto for lunch at Essenza in Healesville, in the Yarra Valley. It was so delicious, followed by one of the best coffees I've had in years :-) And to make it even better the service and staff were lovely as well :-) I think I'll be heading back there very soon :-)
Their website doesn't actually seem to be up and running yet, but you can see some great reviews on Urbanspoon by clicking on HERE and you can take a look at their Facebook page HERE