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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fisherman's Wife Fingerless Gloves

Hello friends!
Here in the Southern Hemisphere the weather is getting colder and colder by the day, so I have been keeping myself very busy making lots of new woolly (and not so woolly) treasures :-)
I made these fingerless gloves using Rowan Summerspun yarn, which is a beautiful blend of 50% wool & 50% cotton, which means it keeps you warm, but not too warm (i.e. no sweaty hands :-)
The colours of this range of yarn are gorgeous as well. I'd love to make myself a sweater using Summerspun!
The lace pattern that runs along the back of the hand is traditionally called a "fishtail" lace... which is sort of how I came to arrive at the name "Fisherman's Wife" for the gloves... :-)
You can find these gloves in my online store HERE, along with a bunch of other winter warmers :-)

And for those of you who have already asked, yes I will be making the pattern for these gloves available through Ravelry :-)