Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dentelle Cup Cosy

Hello friends! Yes, it's time for my August "Pattern of the Month"! 
This month I have written a pattern for a sweet little cup cosy. It's very easy and fast to make, & only uses a very small amount of yarn. It's perfect for using up all those little bits of left over yarn and it makes a lovely last minute gift.
A great gift for a tea or coffee loving friend is a special cup/mug, a handmade cup cosy and some of their favourite tea or coffee :-) Perfect!

Dentelle Cup Cosy

25-30m 8ply/DK/Light Worsted Weight yarn
4.5mm crochet hook
Button (optional)
Tapestry needle for weaving in ends

Base Circle should measure 8cm (3 1/4") across.

Abbreviations (Please Note: British/Australian Crochet Terms are used in this pattern, with U.S. crochet terms in parenthesis):

ch: chain
st or sts: stitch or stitches
sl st: slip stitch
tr: treble (U.S. dc: double crochet)
bpdc: back post double crochet (U.S. bpsc: back post single crochet) 
Shell: Shell

Special Stitches:
Bpdc (Bpsc) is worked around the shaft of the treble stitch from the row below as follows:
with front of work facing you, insert the hook from the back to the front on the right hand side of the stitch you are working around, then insert hook to the back of the work, on the left hand side of the stitch you are working around, yarn over, draw up loop, yarn over, draw through both loops on hook, bpdc (bpsc) is complete.
Shell: 3tr (dc) 2ch, 3tr (dc) all in same stitch.

Ch 4, join with sl st to form a circle.
Round 1: 3ch, 11tr (dc) into circle, join with sl st in 3rd ch at beginning of round. (12sts)
Round 2: 3ch, 1tr (dc) into st at base of 3ch, 2tr (dc) in each stitch to end, join with sl st in 3rd ch at beginning of round. (24sts)
Round 3: 3ch, 1tr (dc) into st at base of 3ch, 1tr (dc) in next st, * 2tr (dc) in next st, 1tr (dc) in next stitch, repeat from * to end, join with sl st in 3rd ch at beginning of round. (36sts)
Round 4: 1ch (does not count as st), * bpdc (bpsc) around next tr (dc) from previous round, repeat from * to end, join with sl st in 1ch at beginning of round (36sts)
Round 5: 3ch, skip 2 sts, Shell into next st, *skip 2 sts,  1tr (dc) in each of next 2 sts, skip 2 sts, Shell into next stitch, repeat from * until 4 sts remain, skip 3 sts, 1tr (dc) in last st, join with sl st in 3rd ch at beginning of round.
Next Row: 3ch, Shell in 2ch space of Shell from previous round, * 1tr (dc) in each of next 2tr from previous round, Shell in 2ch space of Shell from previous round, repeat 3 more times, 1tr (dc) in last st (the last stitch of this row is the 3rd ch from beginning of previous round). DO NOT JOIN. TURN. (You do not join these Rows, as you need to leave a space for the handle of your cup/mug)

Repeat last Row until your Cup Cosy is the right height for your favourite cup/mug (approx. 2cm or 3/4" from top of cup/mug). Take care not to make it too tall, as you need to leave room for your lips to sip from your cup :-)

When your Cup Cosy is at the right height, do not cut yarn, create a button loop, as follows: ch12, sl st in 1st of these 12 ch, dc (sc) around the opening left for your handle. Cut yarn & fasten off, leaving a length of yarn long enough to attach a button on this side of the cosy to correspond with the button loop on the other side :-) 
If you want to make your cup cosy more versatile and able to fit various size cups and mugs you may like to omit the button and button loop and simply make some ties using ch st, that you can tie around the handle of your cup or mug, making it easier to accommodate various sizes :-)
Weave in ends. Relax and enjoy a cup of your favourite tea or coffee and admire your handy work! :-)

PLEASE NOTE: Always take care when handling cups or mugs of hot liquids and take care not to spill hot liquid by always holding your cup by the handle. Having a woolly cup cosy on your cup/mug can make it slippery to handle or hold if you're not holding the handle of your cup :-)

© Copyright Shara Lambeth Designs. Copyright remains that of the author at all times. The pattern is for personal use only. Reproduction of this pattern in anyway (electronic, email, photocopying, transcribing etc) is strictly prohibited, except with the explicit permission of the author. Please do not sell the pattern or the finished product that is made using this pattern without permission of the author, as this is a direct infringement of the copyright laws protecting this pattern. Also please be aware that copyright laws vary from country to country (sometimes even from state to state), I am Australian, in Australia, therefore my patterns are protected by Australian copyright laws. This copyright protection still stands no matter what country the item is made in or who makes it. Thank you :-)
If you do want to sell the cup cosies you make using this pattern at a market, craft fair or in your online store please do ask, as in most cases I will give permission :-)
And please feel free to make as many cosies as you like for yourself, your friends and your family.


  1. Hi Shara,
    I love these little cosy's, and your Georgette collars. They are so adorable! I also want to thank you for making easy to follow patterns. I've learnt quite a bit by making a few of these.
    As a designer myself, I have been inspired by your patterns. I would just like to ask your permission to sell these in my market stalls and, when I finally get around to it, my online stall.
    I'm still slowly growing my stock, and have just started getting back into crotchet. If you want, here's a link to my Facebook page. I've posted a couple of photos of my finished work on my page, but they are not priced, and are not for sale (yet, hopefully :) )
    Hope to hear from you soon!

    1. Hello Renee, Thank you for your lovely message :-) I'm happy for you to sell the finished items you make using the patterns from my blog at craft fairs & markets, & also in your online store :-) Thank you for taking the time to write & ask, I really appreciate it! And thanks for the link to your Facebook page, I'm your newest "Liker" :-)

  2. I would really like to create this beautiful cozy. However, I am having difficulty understanding the instruction concerning the English translation. This is an example of my confusion...Round 2: 3ch, 1tr (dc) into st at base of 3ch, 2tr (dc) in each stitch to end, join with sl st in 3rd ch at beginning of round. (24sts) ....where it says 1tr for and English version do I only do a (dc)? And where it says 2tr (dc) do I do 2(dc) that the way I am supposed to understand the translation? Does 1tr=1dc in English? Help thanks.

    1. Hello Sandy,
      Thanks for your message :-)
      U.S. Crochet terms are slightly different from British/Australian crochet terms. The stitches & instructions themselves are identical, they just have different names :-)
      So if the pattern in British/Australian terms says 2tr, it simply means 2dc in U.S. terms, if it says 1tr, it means 1dc in U.S. terms :-) I hope this helps! You might also find it helpful to do a quick google search for a U.S/British crochet terms conversion chart for future reference. It can get very confusing sometimes!
      Have a wonderfully crafty day!

  3. Thank you so much for that clarification before I jumped in head first and made a mess for myself!!! Wish me luck, Thanks again! Sandy

    1. You're welcome Sandy :-) I'm glad I was able to help :-)

  4. Hi Shara, thanks for sharing such a pretty and easy to follow pattern! I wanted to ask permission to sell a few of these cosies at a Xmas craft fair over here in the UK, with complete acknowledgement/referencing to your original pattern? Thanks very much in advance for considering my request :) Becky

  5. Hello Becky :-) I'm glad you're enjoying the pattern :-) I'm happy for you to sell the cup cosies you make using this pattern at your Xmas fair :-) And thank you for taking the time to write and ask, I really do appreciate it :-) Have a wonderful day!

  6. Hi Shara,
    You have so many lovely things here and this pattern "Dentelle Cup Cosy" is sweet as it can be. My friend is trying to crochet scarves to sell, they take a good bit of time and she's needing to do this pretty quick. Trisha's husband (Charles) is a cancer patient here in the states. Sadly, he has complications with the valves in his heart and the cancer is multiplying quickly. His doctor gives him roughly 6 months because heart surgery will make the cancer rage and chemo would destroy whats left of his heart. Hence, no treatment, just "quality of life" using hospice and pain management. We'd like to make a bunch of these and try to raise some money for them. Just devastated!

    1. I'm sorry the read about Charles, and I hope he is doing better. Your idea to raise money sounds wonderful and I'm very happy for you to sell the items you make using this pattern. :-)

  7. Hi Shara

    I've made a couple of these for myself and my Mum and we love them, she has asked if I would make some to sell at her Mothers Union Christmas Fair and I wondered if you would be happy for me to do this. We will make sure that all credit for the pattern goes to yourself and in turn direct people to your blog if they are interested in making similar. Thanks for reading.


    1. Hello Catherine :-) Thank you for your message :-) I'm happy for you and/or your mother to sell the items you make from my patterns. And I hope the Chrostmas Fair goes really well :-) Thank you very much for taking the time to write and ask permission, I really do appreciate it :-)

  8. Hi there, I just came across this lovely pattern and would like your permission to sell finished product in my Etsy store! I will be more than happy to link it back to you or whatever you would like. I love how unique this pattern is! Thanks for sharing!!
    A.G. Traveling Creations

    1. Hello Adis, Thank you for your message and for taking the time to write and ask permission :-) I'm happy for you to sell the items you make from my patterns in your Etsy store, all I ask is that you add a note to the item description letting people know where the pattern is from :-) Have a lovely day :-)

  9. Hi!! Thank you SO much for sharing this precious pattern!! You are very clear in your instructions--I appreciate that so much!! I do have one question/comment: in Round 5, it seems that the first * might need to be moved back one step. Perhaps:

    Round 5: 3ch, skip 2 sts, Shell into next st, * skip 2 sts, 1tr (dc) in each of next 2 sts, skip 2 sts, Shell into next stitch, repeat from * until 4 sts remain...

    I found that by not repeating this extra "skip 2 sts", I was making the cup circumference too large. Per your picture, it appears that there is a "skip" before and after each shell--is this correct?

    Thank you!! I look forward to finishing it. :)

    1. Oh my goodness Natalie! You're right! Thank you so much for letting me know :-) I've now edited the pattern :-) Hopefully the pattern will make more sense now! I hope not too many other people were caught up by my oversight :-)

    2. Thanks so much for your prompt response--I hope I didn't sound crazy for bringing it up!! Others probably just did what made "sense"; I get a bit methodical when following patterns because I don't trust my brain. ;) Thanks for your correction!! Take care!

    3. No, not crazy at all Natalie! :-) I really appreciate you finding the issue and taking the time to let me know. And I'm sure anyone that makes this pattern from now on will appreciate it as well ��


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