Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dentelle Scarf


Hello friends!
Here is my July "Pattern a Month"!
This scarf is very easy and quick to finish, which makes it a great last minute gift. The scarf in the photographs is made using a lovely tweed wool, but this patterns works just as well with a cotton yarn for a Spring or Summer scarf :-)
The gauge/tension isn't particularly important for this project, but to give you an idea, the scarf in the photographs is made using 288m (315yds) of 8ply/DK yarn using a 4.5mm hook and measures 16cm (6.25") wide and 134cm (53") long.
If you want to use a different weight yarn and you want to make your scarf wider or thinner it's easy :-) The stitch pattern can be made on any number of stitches that are divisible by 7 plus 4 :-)
If you like this scarf you might also be interested in the Dentelle Cowl :-)

MATERIALS: 8 ply or DK yarn, 4.5mm hook.
       tr = treble (U.S. dc = double crochet)
       sp = space
Please Note: British/Australian crochet terms are used throughout this pattern, please see Abbreviations for U.S. crochet terms conversion for this pattern :-)
Ch 25. 
Row 1: 1 tr in 4th ch from hook (counts as 2 tr). *Miss next 2 ch. (3 tr. Ch 1. 3 tr) in next ch. Miss next 2 ch. 1 tr in each of next 2 ch. Repeat from * to end. Turn. 
Row 2: Ch 3 (counts as 1 tr). 1 tr in next tr. *(3 tr. Ch 1. 3 tr) in next ch-1 sp.(miss next 3 tr of shell from previous row) 1 tr in each of next 2 tr. Rep from * to end. Turn. 

Repeat Row 2 until scarf measures half the desired length, break yarn & fasten off. Rejoin yarn at the beginning chain (foundation chain) and complete Row 1 once, then repeat Row 2 until this side of the scarf is the same length as the first side of the scarf. Fasten off & weave in ends.
PLEASE NOTE: When you are starting the second side of your scarf the foundation chain may seem a little distorted, however you are "mirroring" exactly what has occurred in Row 1 of the first side of your scarf. So, if a ch has a tr in it from the first row, you will make a tr in the base of this ch, if the ch was skipped in the first row, you will now skip it, if a ch has a "shell" (3tr, 1ch, 3tr) in it from the first row, then you will now make a shell in the base of that ch, & so on :-)
You might like to see a very beautiful version of this scarf that another read has made and blogged about on Pigtails blog :-)
© Copyright Shara Lambeth Designs. Copyright remains that of the author at all times. The pattern is for personal use only. Reproduction of this pattern in anyway (electronic, email, photocopying, transcribing etc) is strictly prohibited, except with the explicit permission of the author. Please do not sell the pattern or the finished product that is made using this pattern without permission of the author, as this is a direct infringement of the copyright laws protecting this pattern. Also please be aware that copyright laws vary from country to country (sometimes even from state to state), I am Australian, in Australia, therefore my patterns are protected by Australian copyright laws. This copyright protection still stands no matter what country the item is made in or who makes it. Thank you!!
If you do want to sell the scarves you make using this pattern at a market, craft fair or in your online store please do ask, as in most cases I will give permission :-)
And please feel free to make as many scarves as you like for yourself, your friends and your family. You might also like to make some to donate to your local charities :-)


  1. So gorgeous - I've just started making one for my MIL for mothers day. How long did you make yours?

  2. Hello Mel :-) I'm glad you're enjoying the pattern :-) The scarf in the pictures is approximately 130cm long. I generally prefer scarves to be a little longer, but I only had a small amount of yarn. Apparently standard scarf length is 150cm, however all my favourite scarves are 170cm +
    I'm not sure if that information is helpful or not? I hope it is!! :-)

  3. I started hooking this pattern in a 100% bamboo hand dyed yarn yesterday and it is looking soooo pretty already. I chose a soft mint although the colour on the label
    refers to light turquoise. I hope to blog about the pattern and scarf in another few days. Thanks for the pattern!

  4. Hello Pigtails, I'm really glad you're enjoying the pattern :-) I'd LOVE to see your blog post about your scarf :-) If you'd like to post here, that would be fantastic :-)

  5. Hi Sharah, thanks a million for this jewel of a pattern. I am finished with my scarf and have just blogged about it. xxxx

  6. Hi Shara, thank you so much for this lovely pattern. I've just finished making a 150cm scarf to send to a friend in Canada. I chose a Bendigo Woollen Mills yarn - their Luxury line, in Aquamarine - and it looks really pretty :)

  7. Thank you for lovely pattern. I am doing a hat in the very similar mode (shells) at the moment and was looking for a similar pattern for the scarf. This one will match my hat perfectly and I can't wait to have my set completed. I will also try that beannie hat you have on your website too :-) Thanks once again


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