Thursday, August 14, 2008

DaWanda Goes Green!

I have been really been enjoying the increase in Eco-Friendly products that have been popping up all over DaWanda. Whether it's something made from recycled fabrics, reusable pants/diapers/nappies for babies, cloth shopping bags, or organic products, it's fantastic!
I was doing a little "research" and came across a few extra special Eco-Friendly products that I thought I would share with you all :-) Click on the name of the product for a link to the shop it is from :-)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Baby DaWanda

I decided I would feature a few of my favourite sellers at DaWanda who specialise in baby goods. I have my JoliBebe range available on DaWanda and have had a really great response since starting up there. I was so excited to see so many brilliant ideas and designs for babies on DaWanda, and below are a few of the really special and extra sweet products. Click on the name of the product for a link to the item in it's store on DaWanda :-)