Monday, March 25, 2013

Walking the Dog

Hello friends!
I hope the weather is as glorious at your place at the moment as it is here :-) It may be Autumn, but it's a tiny but warmer than usual which just makes it even more delightful :-) I think the unseasonably warm weather has tricked the trees and none of them have started to change colour yet...and it's almost April!!

Because the weather was so wonderful today we decided to take the dog for a walk at Maroondah Dam, in Healesville, Victoria, Australia :-) Pictured above is the path across the top of the dam wall.
It's one of my most favourite places to visit :-) I love wandering around there for hours :-) It's a beautiful combination of European style gardens, native Australian Mountain Ash forest, little creeks, ponds, a waterfall and of course the huge beautiful dam :-) Pictured above is one of the old pump houses.
 We saw lots of interesting and unusual birds, such as Fairy Wrens (my favourite), Fantails, various parrots and even several pairs of courting Bower Birds!!

 I hope I can get back there again very soon, and I think the dog enjoyed herself as well :-)
xo Shara

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