Monday, March 11, 2013

Redwood Forest Visit

Hello friends :-)
I hope you're enjoying your long weekend if you're in Victoria, Australia :-) If not you're not in Victoria, then I hope Monday is being kind to you :-)
I recently took a trip to the mind blowingly beautiful Redwood Forest in Warburton, Victoria, Australia :-) Wow! If you haven't been there before and you're nearby, do yourself a favour and take a trip out there! So amazing and serene :-)
 The trees are very dense and not a lot of light gets through to the forest floor... but in this one tiny patch of sunlight a new plant had started to grow! You have to seize every opportunity while you can!! :-)
 And then in Warburton town I stumbled across this very sweet piece of crocheted yarn bombing :-)

Have you been anywhere amazing lately? Share in the comments! :-)

xo Shara

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