Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Zigo Zago in Castlemaine

Hello friends!
Over the weekend I was lucky enough to go to Castlemaine to visit friends and enjoy the local Arts festival :-) And I was even luckier when my lovely friends took me to the their local yarn shop! Zigo Zago is opened in February 2013, so it's still reasonably new. They had the most glorious collection of artisan yarns I've ever seen in one room :-)
I managed to control myself and only bought 2 skeins of delicious yarn :-) The yellow one is from The Fibre Company and is a Baby Alpaca, Merino, Bamboo blend and is so buttery and soft :-)
The deep, dark green one is from Cascade and is the 220 from the Heather range :-)

And this is a picture I took out of the window of the train on our way to Castlemaine :-)
xo Shara


  1. I was at the festival too Shara - watching my sister perform at the living stage - and I must admit to being VERY impressed with gorgeous Castlemaine - and I didn't even know about the yarn shop! Now I'm even more impressed!

  2. I'm a little bit in love with Castlemaine :-) And I might have been a little bit over-excited at the prospect of going to a new yarn shop as well :-) You will have to go back for another visit so you can visit Zigo Zago :-) Also, they have a lovely dog called Zoe that hangs out in the shop and she is adorable and loves some love :-)


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