Thursday, April 4, 2013

Autumn...At last!

Hello friends!
Finally... after a very long wait, Autumn has finally arrived! Summer seemed to have missed the memo that it was over at the end of February in my part of the world :-)
The weather has finally started to cool down. The mornings are crisp, the days have been really beautiful and the nights are chilly... just the way I like it!
because the weather has been so unseasonably warm here none of the trees had started to change colour when normally at this time of year the leaves have turned and have almost all fallen to the ground... but in the last couple of days I have noticed the trees have caught up and the leaves are slowly changing colour and a few have fallen... 
march is normally when i would be finding all sorts of marvellous fungi when I'm out walking... but I only JUST saw my first one today! I wonder if this might mean the mushroom season will last a little longer than usual?
We even got some rain yesterday!! I was excited enough to take a picture out the window of my bus :-)
This kind of gloomy weather is even more beautiful when you know you're on your way home and there will be someone lovely waiting there for you with a hot cup of tea :-)
But, alas, I can't get too used to this cooler weather because the forecast is for some more unseasonably hot weather over the weekend... Come on weather, make up your mind :-)
xo Shara

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