Sunday, October 7, 2012

Undergrowth Mitts

 Hello friends!
I have only recently discovered the joys of Tunisian crochet and I am wondering why I never really dabbled in it in the past.
Tunisian crochet is a lot more versatile than I previously thought and it allows you to make some very interesting stitches and fabrics that are not achievable with regular crochet.
I made these fingerless mitts from some 100% Australian wool that I have hand dyed, and I used a double ended Tunisian crochet hook so I could work in the round.
I was lucky enough to be given the hook as a gift, and although the hook came with instructions on how to use it they weren't particularly useful. After struggling with the instructions for an hour I finally figured out the technique once I got rid of the instructions and just used my intuition :-) Sometimes this is the best way to get things done :-)
Despite it taking me some time to figure out the technique, it's not actually any hard than regular Tunisian crochet :-)
As you can see in the picture below, it creates a very interesting stitch pattern. The fabric is thick and warm and squishy :-)
I didn't use a pattern to make these gloves, I just adapted my own standard fingerless mitt pattern to the Tunisian technique.
These fingerless mitts are available in my online store HERE

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