Sunday, October 21, 2012

Finders Keeps Market - Melbourne

Hello friends!
Oh, I was doing so well with Blogtoberfest, managing to post something new EVERYDAY... except yesterday :-( As it turns out, I can't actually post to my blog from my phone (and I didn't have access to my desk top computer). I don't know whether it's an issue with blogger, or an issue with my phone, or an issue with blogger and android phones working in conjunction with each other...or if it was just me :-) Whatever the issue was, it meant I didn't publish a blog post yesterday :-( So I will be publishing two posts today to make up for it :-)
I also had one more issue with this post... I took all the photographs I was planning to use in this post on my phone (as I was planning on posting from my phone) and now that I've uploaded all the images to my desktop computer I don't seem to be able to save the changes to the orientation of the images... they will only upload to the blog in "landscape" view... And the only photograph I took in "landscape" is the one above, and it's a rubbish photo! LOL.
All the other photographs look like the one below.... Oh......
Anyway, enough about all the technical issues I am experiencing....
Yesterday I went to Finders Keepers Market in Melbourne! It was held in the glorious Royal Exhibition Buildings in Carlton (one of my favourite building in Melbourne :-)
Not only was it fabulous to see so many glorious things made by clever people, but it was extra special because I knew so many of the stall holders so I got to have a little catch up with some lovely friends at the same time as seeing all their latest clever & spectacular creations :-)
I decided to go early to try and avoid the crowds, as last time I went to Finders Keepers in Melbourne it was SO crowded that it was hard to enjoy all the wonderful wares or to actually see anything for the sea of people. Going early this time was a good idea :-)
I went along yesterday with the intention of finding myself some groovy earrings... I came away with many things... but no earrings.... hehehe.
Some of the fabulous things I got were:
An AMAZING black & white dress from MADE590
A fabulous pink resin bangle and ring from KeepResin
A very cool Dinosaur brooch from Orange Sherbet (this is for my nephew's 5th Birthday)
A super porcelain CROCHET brooch from Sandra Bowkett - Potter 

I hope you've been having a fabulous weekend too!
Do you know why I couldn't publish a post, with pictures, from my phone? I have a feeling there is probably a way to do it...and i just couldn't figure it out :-)


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