Thursday, October 4, 2012

Knitty Gnomes

Hello friends!
I have been busy knitting lots of little gnomes :-)

 The fabulous free pattern for these gnomes can be found HERE
 You only need a teeny tiny amount of yarn to make your little gnome, so they're a perfect stash buster for using up all the little bits of nice yarn you have hanging around in your stash :-)
 The size of your gnome just depends on your yarn weight and needle size. Mine range from approximately 10cm to 15cm tall, from the toes to the tip of the hat :-)
 They're the perfect size for a child to hold in their hand, to take on trips to keep them company :-)
Also, HERE is a cute song about a gnome :-)
 P.S. When I made my first one, I thought i would be "clever" and knit it in the round to save myself sewing in some ends and sewing any seams... Don't do this! I was a fool! Just follow the pattern :-) It will work much better that way :-)


  1. Absolutely adorable! :) Is it difficult knitting such small items?

  2. Hello Winkieflash :-) I'm glad you like the little gnomes :-) It isn't too tricky to knit these particular gnomes, even though they are small. But make sure you actually follow the pattern and knit them flat, then sew up the seams... don't be silly like me and try and knit them in the round to avoid sewing up the seams... that WAS very tricky as the little gnome was SO tiny!! Enjoy!


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