Saturday, October 13, 2012

Roxo Sox

Hello friends!
Yeah... I'm still on my sock making bender :-)
I made this sock using my Alegria pattern and some Bendigo Woollen Mills 4 ply Luxury that I have hand dyed using food dye.
I started knitting the 2nd sock in this pair this morning at the Yarra Valley S'n'B at Mocha and Lime and had a very sweet little girl come and stare at what I was doing for about 10 minutes before asking me in a tiny voice what I was making. I told her it was a sock and showed her the finished one, and she was very excited :-) I then over heard her saying to her mum: "I didn't know you could MAKE socks!"
I wonder what other socky adventures will unfold this weekend?
Are you working on a crafty project this weekend? What are you making? Share in the comments :-)
P.S. Just in case you were wondering I DID get the second sock in the pair finished using my Watermelon yarn :-)

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