Monday, October 22, 2012

Striped Summer Socks

Hello friends!
Guess what...? It's still Socktober over here at the SLD HQ :-)
These socks have been made using Noro Taiyo Sock yarn which is a blend of cotton, silk, wool & nylon. To create the stripes I have divided the skein into two, and knit 4 rows per stripe with each ball. The colours sort of met up in the middle of the foot and blended in so it looks like there isn't quite a stripe there, but never mind... I still like the way they have turned out :-)
I made these socks on much small needles than I have worked all my other socks on so far, so it took quite a bit longer to knit these socks.
The yarn is beautiful to work with, and feels a lot softer once it's knitted up as opposed to when it's still in the skein. The only thing to keep in mind with this yarn is that it does tend to "stick" when using wooden needles, which can be a bit annoying and makes work slow. I have found this with other yarns that contain silk when using my KnitPro Symfonie needles as well. So I used my Addi Turbo 20cm circular needle for the majority of the sock and just finished off the last few rows of the toe with the Symfonies :-)
I'm hoping these socks might be a bit more suitable for summer wear, because of the silk and cotton content :-) I'll let you know how they go :-)
What have you been working on lately? Share in the comments!

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