Thursday, November 1, 2012

Petit Meow

Hello friends!
I made a little cat :-)
As you may know from some of my earlier posts I am knitting some toys for my lovely friends who are having a baby :-)
 To make this kitty I used Bendigo Woollen Mills DK/8ply Classic wool that I have dyed using a combination of food dye (the orange) and Landscape dyes (the purple). The pattern I followed was Tabitha the Destash Kitty, which is a free pattern by Oliver Boliver :-)
I really love the way this little kitty has turned out :-) The colours worked perfectly for the look I was going for too :-)
What have you been making lately? Share in the comments! :-)


  1. Your kitty is so cute! I love making toys too, and I may just have to go check out the pattern for this so I can make one myself :) As for me, I have been working on creating some amigurumi toy patterns with my creative time.

  2. What a CUTE kitty. I bet he'll be a much loved toy for the new bub. xoxox

  3. Hello JaDee, I'm glad you like my little Kitty :-)
    What sort of creatures are you creating?? :-)

    1. My latest finish was a little crochet candy corn mouse. I'm also working on some little monsters based on some of my sketches. I think making toys is probably my favorite thing to do with yarn :)

  4. Thank you Dorothy :-) I'm hoping this little kitty will be a good size for little hands to hold onto :-)


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