Friday, November 2, 2012

After the rain...

Hello friends!
So, it's already November! Can you believe it?!
In the Southern Hemisphere, where I live, we're in the middle of Spring... not that you could tell today. The weather here is notoriously unpredictable and we often have four seasons in one day.
This week it has been windy and rainy and hot and cold. We've had a little bit of everything! We had two days of over 30 degrees celsius (not my favourite sort of weather) followed by two days of freezing, rainy weather. 
 The best thing abut the rainy weather is it gives the garden a good drink and it makes everything a little bit more beautiful :-) I took these pictures of some of the plants in our garden after the rain :-) So pretty :-)
What's the weather been doing at your place lately? Has it been a bit crazy? Share in the comments! :-)

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