Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sideways Glove Pattern

For quite a long time now I have been wanting to make gloves with fingers but have really struggled to find an easy, quick pattern that is knit on 2 needles... So I wrote my own pattern :-)
These gloves are knit sideways, in garter stitch only, on 2 straight needles, so they are dead easy! They knit up pretty fast, I can make a pair in an evening of t.v. watching. They're a good small project to take with you when you're on the go as well. I have knit a few pairs while I have been on the train or bus, and the whole lot, needles, yarn etc fits easily into my bag. You can use up all your little bits of left over yarn as well, so it makes a great stash busting project :-)
I wrote the pattern using the "trial and error" method and have also made a pattern for a 4-ply version. I made the 4 ply version in the Noro Kureyon Sock yarn and they look fabulous! I just need to get around to photographing them so I can show you :-)
I've listed the pattern for the 8 ply (DK, Sport Weight) version in my DaWanda store HERE Etsy store HERE


  1. Hey your gloves look great. Its a clever idea to knit them sideways. I have given up trying to learn how to knit. I think I will stick to fabric.

  2. They are fantastic - and I love the little pixie shoes too :)

  3. Love the gloves. Off to buy the pattern. They will be great for K4C.

  4. They also protect your hands from drawing chapped because of the wind and obviate suntan at the back of your hands.wholesale nitrile gloves


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