Monday, October 8, 2007


I started making scarflettes several years ago, and gave it a rest over the last summer... then got distracted by a bunch of new scarf designs and forgot to make some more scarflettes for this years Southern Hemisphere winter :-/ But I'm back on track with them now.
I have changed my designs ever so slightly, for more comfort, warmth, wearability etc. I have found that they are a great way to use special
fabric that I only have small quantities of and special vintage buttons that I have been hoarding, waiting for the right project to come along.
I actually made a few of these scarflettes for myself (for a change :-), and I love wearing them. The soft cotton flannelette lining means they are really soft and warm against your skin. And they sit nice and flat, not bulky like a fully grown scarf :-) here is me wearing my Japanese Plum Scarflette.
Here is the Sunshine Scarflette, which is made using some very bright and happy vintage fabric that I picked up from the Camberwell Market a few years ago. I lined it with a very soft, lemon and white gingham print cotton flannelette, and it closes with a sweet little vintage glass button with a happy little yellow bird on it that I got from the button lady.
I also made this very cute Mushroom Scarflette, using extremely sweet Japanese canvas with a colourful mushroom print. I love using this canvas, it sews up really well and sits nicely.

I love this colourway, but I also have access to several other colourways that I'm looking forward to experi- menting with.
I've also made a few scarflettes that I have screen printed images onto, but I haven't managed to photograph those yet, so you'll just have to wait for another day :-)
I have been doing quite a few
experiments with my screen printing recently. Screen printing onto suede for bags, and some little girls summer dresses and scarves, so I think that's what I'll write about next. Until then, farewell from Camp Shara :-)


  1. these are adorable! especially the one with mushrooms. nice blog!

  2. those are really cute!

  3. They are very exquisite. Good going.


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