Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Branching Out...

I have been branching out recently, and setting up a few new stores, in a few different venues. I figure it can't hurt to have my name and my products out there multiple times for more people to possibly see.
My new store at Dawanda is here and my new store at Felt is here.
Dawanda is based in Germany and has a big European selling base. It's quite interesting to see the differences in the types of items, the quality of the items and the styles when the majority of the sellers are based in Europe, as opposed to Etsy, where the vast majority of sellers are American based. Dawanda has some really interesting features (I haven't figured them all out yet, but give me time :-). The Style Lab is really interesting, and I'm looking forward to adding something of my own there.
Felt is a New Zealand based site, which is relatively new. It's a very attractive site to navigate around, which is always a plus. At the moment there aren't too many sellers there, but it's growing. So if you're looking for a new selling venue for your handmade goodness then why not set up shop on Felt. You definitely won't have to worry about getting buried by the 50,000 other sellers listing their goods! Felt has lots of really great products listed already, so it is worth a look.
I still have my Etsy shop, which you can see here.
Obviously I'm hoping that having my products in so many different places will get me a bit more exposure, therefore helping to raise a bit more revenue :-) So, once I hit the big time I'll be buying that tropical island where I'll have my farm with miniature dachshunds, a couple of donkey's, some chooks, a few alpaca's, a pair of goats, and a studio for me, with lots of natural light, to create in :-)


  1. This is great, thank you for sharing this information...I look forward to checking out your new stores!

  2. Shara, I am writing these names down. I have a Mintd shop as well, but am always looking for new ways to promote.

    Hooray for dreams of naturally-lit studios. I have the same dream

  3. ooh, i love the look of felt. and your new blog too!

  4. wow. busy busy! have fun with your shops!

  5. It's nice to hear about all of these venues. I myself am just starting and am just with Etsy. I've heard of DaWanda, but not the other ones. Thanks for the information about where they're based and so on. I may start looking into them soon.

  6. Good luck with it all - sounds like you will be a very busy girl!


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