Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Botanic Hat

Hello friends!
Just before Christmas I suddenly realised I needed a present for a man, that would be easy & quick to make, but still be wonderful (to match the recipient :-) ). So I started searching through Ravelry and stumbled upon the Botanic Hat by Stephen West (he's awesome, check out the rest of his patterns on Ravelry too!)

 I was SO happy to find this pattern. I made the first one, using local alpaca and Noro Kureyon, as soon as I downloaded the pattern, it's very well written, easy to understand and it's REVERSIBLE! Then I still had some of the same yarn left... so I made another one...

Then I remembered my brothers Birthday was only a few days away as well, so he got one too... For this one I used some Scheepjeswol Stone Washed XL (which I absolutely LOVE).

Then I remembered the beautiful handspun wool from EIisabet's Handspun, that I had been saving for something special, but I'd been busting to use it... So I made another one. needless to say, this is now my new go-to pattern when I need something for a man!

HOT TIP: When making this hat there is only one colour of yarn used per round, you don't cut the yarn after each round to change colour, you just carry it up the side of the hat. But, make sure you leave the yarn not in use at the FRONT of the work until it is time to use that colour again. This will result in the yarn carried up the side being invisible, which is a bonus, especially, when this pattern is reversible :-)


  1. I'm scared to try this design because I'm not sure how difficult it is. Could you tell me what techniques you need to know in order to do it? Gorgeous knitting btw. :)

    1. Hello Robert, you should definitely give this pattern a try. It's deceptively easy, I promise :-) If you can knit in the round, then it's nothing more than knit, purl and slip stitches (which are not difficult, even if you've never done them before).

  2. Thank you again for your reply. I bought the pattern today and it looks totally doable. I'm really excited to try it. Have a great weekend! :)

    1. Excellent news Robert :-) Its such a great men's hat pattern, and even better that it's reversible. Two hats in one!! Have fun with it :-)

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