Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Aro Hat Pattern

Hello friends!
It's been such a long time! I've missed you :-) but never fear, the reason I've been so quiet on my blog is because I've been busy writing a LOT of new patterns! Yippee! 
So, here is my first new pattern for 2014: The Aro Hat!
You might have seen some of my other stranded colour work pieces here and there, but this is the first of my stranded colourwork patterns, and it even comes with it's own special chart to work from :-)
this hat is a really quick knit as it is worked in Worsted weight or Aran weight or 12 ply yarn. It has been successfully tested with all 3 types/weights of yarn :-)
The particular yarn used to make the Aro Hat pictured is Mondial Merino Special which can be purchased at various places, but I got mine at Lincraft
The pattern can be purchased via Ravelry (using the "Buy Now" link above, Etsy and Craftsy :-)
And as a special treat for my readers I am going to give away! To win this pattern, and any other single pattern of your choice from my range, you need to like my Facebook page HERE, "like" & share the Facebook post, then leave a comment here to let me know that you've done it!
The winner will be randomly selected and announced on the Facebook page on Wednesday 26th February!!
We're friends in real life, can I still enter? Yes, of course you can!  
I live in a country other than the country you live in, can I still enter? Yes, of course you can! The patterns are all digital PDFs so they can be delivered anywhere in the world to your email address :-)
I can't knit, but I can crochet, if I win can I choose two of your crochet patterns instead? Yes, of course you can!
I can't knit or crochet, if I win can you please send two patterns to my crafty friend instead? Yes, of course I can (you're a lovely friend)!

If you have any other questions, please let me know in the comments below and I will be happy to help :-)
xo Shara

ETA: I have drawn the giveaway and the winner has been notified :-) My dog actually randomly selected the winner :-)


  1. I love your hat design! I have joined your group and "liked" and shared your post :)

  2. I liked your FB page and shared the link! Love your patterns!


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