Thursday, July 28, 2011

Colour Fun!

Hello friends!
As you know I have been preparing for the POP UP STUDIO SALE next week, and I have been SO busy making :-)
I love lots of colour. I love working with lots of different colours. I love putting different colours together. I love finding new (sometimes unexpected) colour combinations.
Another thing I REALLY love is things that are handmade (& proud to be handmade!)
Something you may no know is that I can't eat apples :-( It makes me very sad that eating apples makes me very sick :-( So, I have to explore my love of apples vicariously through this brooch :-)

P.S. If you like the Rainbow Connection Necklace then you might like to check out my blog tutorial HERE


  1. Lovely to have met you at the pop up sale. I adore my new goodies. Jay xx

  2. Jay, it was fantastic to meet you too :-) I'm glad you like your new treasures too!


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