Thursday, June 16, 2011

Knitting in Public - 2011

International Knitting in Public Day was last weekend, so while my brother and I were having a rare day out together in Melbourne City I got him to take a picture of me doing some knitting in public :-)
This picture was taken in Hosier Lane in the CBD of Melbourne. It is an ever changing, evolving public gallery of street art. And it's a very popular place to use as a back drop for all sorts of photography & film. While we were there on Saturday there were two couples having their wedding pictures taken :-)
It's sort of hard to see what I'm knitting, but it is the beginning of a braided i-cord necklace, made using gorgeous cherry red organic cotton. I'll show you some pictures of the finished object soon :-) I'm also wearing a cardigan that I made myself last week :-)
Have you seen anyone knitting in public lately? Have you done some public knitting? Do you knit on the train/bus/tram? Do people ask you about it when you're knitting in public?


  1. I knit/ crochet on the train quite often, and aside from the sneaky glances, I do have lots of people chat to me. The best was a business man on the journey from London back to sunny Shropshire. He was baffled for the whole 4 hours...x

  2. Hehehe, Gemma that's funny :-) What were you knitting on your train journey? It's nice when someone is baffled/amazed by knitting/crochet on public transport :-) The other day I had a sweet little boy come and sit next to me so he could watch me knitting (very closely, hehe)

  3. I cart my knitting around town, I think people are used to me now - love that photo!


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