Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sunshine Gloves on Ravelry

Hello friends :-)
Lately I have been busy with lots of new projects and one of those projects is writing more knitting and crochet patterns to put on Ravelry.
The sunshine gloves are one of my favourite patterns. It's quick and easy, uses very little yarn, so it's a great stash buster, and gloves make great gifts! Warm, woolly gloves are also EXCELLENT to make and donate to charities :-)
The Sunshine gloves are made using 8-ply or DK yarn and are knit sideways on straight needles, so no double pointed needles or knitting in the round :-) These are the thicker, faster, warmer version of my 4-ply Sideways Gloves.
You can find the pattern for the Sunshine Gloves on Ravelry by following this link
And you can find me on Ravelry with the username SharaDesigns

Stay tuned for more patterns coming soon, including Lace Beanies, knit and crochet berets, Pixie Berets, and lots of different fingerless gloves for men, women and children :-)


  1. Is ravelery the only place I can get the sunshine glove pattern

  2. Hello, this pattern can also be found in my Etsy store :-)

  3. The Etsy store can be found here:
    Sorry I didn't add that earlier :-)

  4. I love revelry...what a great site for fiber artists


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