Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Work In Progress 22.06.2010

I have a few friends who are due to give birth soon, which is VERY exciting, so I have been busily trying to come up with some special handmade gifts for the new arrivals.
Booties are so cute (there's something extra sweet about tiny shoes) and they are a great way to use small amounts of yarn left over from other projects, and, more importantly, it's very cold around here at the moment! I didn't have a booties pattern that was quite right as I don’t know if the babies are going to be girls or boys, and all the patterns I currently have are a bit lacy, so I decided to attempt designing my own pattern (writing it down as I knit, so I can make a matching pair). I wanted to knit in the round, to avoid sewing up too many seams and I like the look of having minimal seams on a garment. I started it last night and I think the pattern is going well so far… I’ll have to wait and see what the first one looks like before I decide whether it’s going to be a success :-) And of course, if it is successful, I’ll put the pattern up on Ravelry :-)

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