Thursday, February 4, 2010

Choc Leopard Baby Shoes

Well I had a nice day, it was busy, but not too hectic :-)

I made this little pair of Leopard Print baby shoes for a special order that was on it's way to Germany. I made them using one of my original patterns that is available in my JoliBebe store HERE and HERE. The pattern uses such a small amount of fabric that it is perfect for using up those little scraps of your favourite vintage fabric, that you have been saving up for a special piece. It's also a great pattern to make using fabric you have selvaged from a fabulous garment from the op shop/thrift store. Perhaps you found something that is made from great fabric, but the item itself is a bit ugly, or the wrong size etc… Chop it up and make something else with it... like a little pair of shoes for your favourite little person :-)

I knew it was going to rain today, so it was a race against time to get these finished, so I could ride my bicycle to the Post Office to mail them before I got drenched. I wasn't worried so much about me getting wet, but I was worried about my mail getting wet. You'll be pleased to read that the mail and I both survived :-)

I'm not sure why, but these shoes seem to be particularly popular with my German customers. Just like I have one particular hat in my range that is very popular, but has only ever sold to folks in Poland. I know? Odd.

I have a REALLY busy day ahead of me tomorrow. With any luck I'll find a moment to post my recipe for gluten free, fructose friendly rum balls! Here's the link to the recipe:

xox Shara

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