Sunday, April 26, 2009

Handmade Underwear!

I have been working very hard to come up with a few different underwear patterns of my own since buying a Knicker making kit from last year.
After several days of trial and error I have finally developed 4 different styles.
Here are a few pictures of the first style... I'm yet to come up with witty names for all of them. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :-)
They are extremely comfortable, and luxurious to wear :-)
Hopefully I'll be able to add a few more pictures in the not too distant future of the other designs :-)
Soon the underwear will be available in my Etsy and DaWanda stores in Australian sizes ranging from 8 to 16. There will also be some MENS styles coming soon!! :-)


  1. rad! knicker making kits are a sweet idea + i ♥ what you've done with it!

  2. congratulations on creating patterns you like -- and good luck with the sales!

  3. Love the floral patterns~ Such a beautiful work~

  4. Cute! Naming things is often the trickiest part of a project. The floral knickers remind me of that Beach Boys song, Kokomo--I've got it stuck in my head now! :)


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